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Eclipse Program Registry Guide


The goal of this section is to provide a guide for adding your program to the Eclipse Program Registry. The registry serves as a comprehensive list of programs running on the Eclipse network. Follow the steps below to add your program to the registry.

What is the Eclipse Program Registry?

The Eclipse Program Registry serves as a somewhat comprehensive list of programs running on the Eclipse network. It can be found here


Before you submit your program to the registry, ensure you have:

  • A program deployed on the Eclipse blockchain.
  • A GitHub repository for your program's code.
  • A published IDL on-chain.

Submission Process

To submit your program to the Eclipse Solana Program Registry, you need to create a pull request (PR) with the following steps:

  • Update programs.json File

  • Add an entry for your program in the programs.json file with the following format:

    "name": "<your_program_name>",
    "description": "<description_of_your_program>",
    "repo": "<github_repository_url>",
    "icon": "<url_to_icon_image>",
    "framework": "<development_framework_used>",
    "program_address": "<your_solana_program_address>",
    "categories": [
    "<category1>", "<category2>", ...
  • Replace the placeholders with your program's details. Here's an example using the Eclipse Canonical Bridge:

"name": "canonical_bridge",
"description": "The Eclipse Canonical Bridge facilitates depositing and withdrawing ether from the Eclipse Chain",
"repo": "",
"icon": "",
"framework": "Anchor",
"program_address": "bripkhe8bjXg5PUxub3raVpoqZVRBPjTjPgAC22AHHF",
"categories": ["Bridge"]

Publish Your IDL on Eclipse Network(s)

Publish your Interface Definition Language (IDL) on the Eclipse network. The IDL should be accessible publicly. For guidance on how to publish your IDL, refer to Anchor documentation. This is what it looks like when done correctly: Published IDL.

Create a Pull Request

Once you have added your program details to the programs.json file and published your IDL, create a pull request to the Eclipse program registry repository.

After Submission

After your pull request is created:

  • The Eclipse team will review your submission.
  • If all criteria are met, your PR will be merged.
  • Upon successful merging, your program will be eligible to be featured in the Eclipse Program Explorer.